In the land of peaks and powder, Colorado faced a snowstorm so epic, it turned the state into the inside of a snow globe—shaken, not stirred. This wasn't just any flurry; this was the Snowpocalypse, the Blizzard to End All Blizzards.

In the winter of 2003, Mother Nature decided to throw a party in Colorado, and she didn't skimp on the confetti. Over a few unforgettable days, the skies opened up to dump an astonishing 6.6 feet (yes, feet!) of snow in some areas. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill winter wonderland; it was more of a "find your car under a snow dune" kind of deal. Denver itself was buried under about 31.8 inches of the white stuff, effectively putting the city on a snow day timeout.

Man walking dog in 2003 Blizzard


Capitol Snow


Here’s a breakdown of the most snowfall to hit Denver.

1. 45.7 inches Dec 1-5, 1913
2. 31.8 inches Mar 17-19, 2003
3. 30.4 inches Nov 2-4, 1946
4. 23.8 inches Dec 24, 1982
5. 23.0 inches Apr 23, 1885
6. 22.7 inches Oct 20-23, 1906
7. 21.9 inches Oct 24-25, 1997
8. 21.5 inches Nov 26-27, 1983
9. 20.7 inches Dec 20-21, 2006
10. 19.3 inches Jan 29-31, 1883
11. 19.0 inches Apr 24-25, 1935
12. 18.7 inches Mar 5-6, 1983
13. 18.5 inches Mar 20-22, 1944
14. 18.2 inches Apr 17-19, 1920
15. 18.0 inches Apr 19-20, 1907
16. 18.0 inches Mar 31-Apr 1, 1891
17. 17.7 inches Nov 19-21, 1979
18. 17.3 inches Apr 2, 1957
19. 16.9 inches Mar 20-21, 1952
20. 16.8 inches Apr 20-22, 1933
21. 16.5 inches Sep 26-28, 1936
22. 16.0 inches Oct 3-5, 1969
23. 15.9 inches Feb 2-4, 2012
24. 15.8 inches Apr 26-27, 1972


In the midst of this frosty chaos, imagine if you had a pair of ALL SZN Ski Goggles. While ALL SZN wasn't around during this historical blizzard, let's indulge in a little time-traveling fantasy. Picture strapping on those goggles, with their monographic lenses that make the white world around you pop with color and clarity. Thanks to their anti-fog properties, your vision remains crystal clear, even as your breath turns to ice crystals in the air. And let's not forget the magnetic lens attachment, allowing you to adapt to the ever-changing light conditions as the storm rages on. Whether you were shoveling your driveway for the umpteenth time or attempting to ski down the local park turned ski slope, ALL SZN Ski Goggles would have been your trusty companion, turning a snowmageddon into an epic winter adventure.

Land of the Ski

While we can't go back in time and experience the 2003 storm with ALL SZN Ski Goggles firmly in place, we can prepare for the next big one. Because if there's one thing Colorado weather has taught us, it's to expect the unexpected. And with ALL SZN Ski Goggles, you'll not only be ready, but you'll also be looking sharp in the face of Mother Nature's frostiest tantrums. So, as we remember the snowstorm of the century, let's gear up and look forward, because the next adventure is just a snowflake away.

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