Go Big or Go Home

At ALL SZN, we believe the '90s was arguably the greatest decade of all time (change our mind). Our rad ski and snowboard goggles were inspired by the holographic youth swim goggles from back in the day when slap bracelets and Tamagotchis ruled supreme. We thought, "Why not bring a gnarly taste of the '90s back to the present?"

Sure, we're grateful for high-speed internet (no more agonizing AOL dial-up), the convenience of online lift ticket purchases (goodbye, long lines!), and the fact that cargo pants are no longer considered high fashion. But let's face it, the '90s blessed us with the dopest music, epic movies, wild fashion, and inventions that will probably outlive us all.

So enjoy your time while you're here, grab yourself some new gear and remember to always "Go big, or go home."

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Air Buddy Can Shred?

"Ain't no rules that say dogs can't shred" - Semi accurate Air Bud quote

To be clear, our goggles are made for hoomans, not pups. However, who's to stop your dog from playfully modeling your ALL SZN goggles and giving their reflection a tongue-out approval in the mirror?

Should this happen to you, we'd love to see it! Feel free to share any photos of either you, your pets or both you and your pets rocking ALL SZN gear and we'll do our best to feature you on our social channels.